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It’s probably not surprising that the Soundtrack in My Head greeted me with “Don’t Let Me Down” by the Beatles as I awoke this morning. My brother-in-law (who is a Saint!) is redoing my kitchen as my Christmas present and right now the appliances are in the living room, the water is turned off and the beautiful gray Travertine tile is being laid down. It’s stunning and makes my small-ish kitchen look huge!

travertine tile
Very much what my tile looks like!


But my b-i-l, poor guy, is running into all kinds of problems with this 1950s house that we bought 6 years ago. The countertop, onto which he’s planning to put a solid piece of granite, is not level OR even. The dishwasher, which is around 10 years old, was just crammed into the space under the original counter, so it is going to cause the countertop to have to be raised by at least 1/4 inch before he can even start leveling them for the granite. The existing sink and faucet are causing problems for him too. I’ll repeat, he is a Saint!

Of course, the rest of my house is totally upside down, the usual consequence of any remodeling job. The three cats are literally beside themselves, as is my husband. They’ve all been btigger in suitcaseanished to the man-cave, and none of them are happy about it. Here’s Tigger, whom I let into the master bedroom with me this afternoon. He’s sitting in an open suitcase (not mine… my dh’s) which is somehow precariously balanced on a shoebox which is on a rolling tray table. The combined precariousness of all those items supporting a 14 lb cat is off the charts! But Tigger is obviously like, “Yeah, I’m in the suitcase on the shoebox on the rolling tray table. So what?”

So is it any wonder that my subconscious brain is screaming DON’T LET ME DOWN to the house, to my brother-in-law (did I mention he’s a Saint?) and to my own beleaguered mind, which I just may lose at any moment.