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Deke can conquer any opposing force, but can he prove himself worthy of Mindy and their unborn child?

Air Force Special Op Deke Cunningham has never met an opponent he couldn’t beat. But when the love of his life, Mindy, divorced him, it took him a long, long time to get over her. Several months ago, he and she had a stupid one night stand and once again, he’d had to fight his way back. Now she has called him and begged him to save her. He can’t refuse, but he’ll be damned if he’ll fall under her spell again. He knows a third time will destroy him.

Mindy is eight months pregnant, and now she has been kidnapped by men who are using her to get to Deke, her ex-husband and the father of her baby. The men holding her hostage won’t have a chance to kill her because when he finds out she’s carrying his child Deke will do that job for them. He never ever wanted children—ever.

Deke has no doubt that the men holding his ex-wife are working for the mysterious and deadly terrorist Novus Ordo. He’d spent their entire marriage warning her to never let her guard down. Now they are prey in a murderous game set in a dark, endless, underground maze. Deke could easily handle these guys alone, but he’s responsible for Mindy’s safety too and she is going to slow him down. Then he sees her and is shocked to see that she’s pregnant. How the hell will he get them out of this mess? And if he can save her and her unborn baby, what’s he going to do with them then?

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Aimee trusts Matt with her baby’s safety, but can she trust him with her heart?

Former Air Force 1st Lieutenant Matt Parker is trained to survive under any conditions. When the infant child of his deceased best friend is kidnapped, he volunteers to tackle a treacherous mountain to save the seven month old. He knows his friend’s wife will never forgive him for her husband’s death, but he still vows to rescue her baby, even if it costs him his own life.

Aimee Vick can’t trust the man who failed to save her husband, but she knows he is her baby’s only hope. She follows Matt on a dangerous path through a snowstorm, stalked by deadly enemies, on the frail hope that he can save her child.

As Matt’s expertise and determination keep them alive while they search for her baby, Aimee discovers there is much more to this man than she ever knew. She can trust him with their lives. Can she also trust him with her heart?


Cold rain hammered the white roses that blanketed Will Vick’s coffin, turning them yellow and soggy. The canopy the funeral home had optimistically placed over the grave flapped and creaked in the wind. A dozen or so people had braved the early April weather to attend the graveside service, but Black Hills Search and Rescue Specialist Matthew Parker had eyes for only one—Aimee Vick, his best friend’s widow.

From his vantage point, several dozen feet away and partially hidden by trees, Matt could barely see the strands of brown hair that had escaped to blow across her pale face. Aimee didn’t seem to notice. She stood stiffly, her arms folded protectively across her abdomen, nodding and smiling sadly as people filed by offering their condolences one more time before they headed home.

Matt pushed his fists deeper into his pockets and hunched his shoulders against the bone-deep chill that shuddered through him. A chill that had nothing to do with the cold April wind or the freezing rain that spilled off the brim of his Stetson. Three days before, he’d done the two most difficult things he’d ever done in his life. He’d brought his friend Will’s body home to Sundance, Wyoming, and he’d faced Will’s wife and tried to explain how a weekend adventure had turned into tragedy, how, in the blink of an eye, she was widowed, and her unborn baby would never know his father.

            Her utter shock and disbelief had been agonizing to watch, but he had needed to see it. Just like now. He needed to share her grief, her pain. More than that, he needed to take it away from her and onto himself, but he could not do that.

            He saw Aimee wipe her cheek and bow her head for an instant. His eyes stung. He blinked and looked at his watch. He was out of time. His flight to the tiny border province of Mahjidastan was scheduled to leave in an hour. For a few seconds, he debated whether he should speak to her. But he quelled the notion as soon as it surfaced. If she saw him, it would only hurt her more. He’d known Aimee nearly as long as he’d known Will, which was most of his life. He’d kidded Will about not deserving her. She was generous and kind, and forgiving to a fault. She gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, until they proved they didn’t deserve it.

Three days ago, Matt had proven he didn’t deserve her forgiveness. She hadn’t said it, but the look in her eyes had told him more eloquently than words ever could. If not for him, Will would still be alive. If not for Matt, Will would be safe at home with his wife, awaiting the birth of their son.

Will’s death was his fault.

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Can two childhood friends return the spirit of Christmas to this small town?

When Nicholas Frost comes back to Christmas Valley, he’s shocked. The town he fondly remembered as a Christmas wonderland is now completely barren of the season. He learns that his landlord uncle banned his business tenants—everyone in town—from openly celebrating Christmas after his wife died. When his uncle demands that he spy on the townspeople, Nick is torn. Should he choose family loyalty or his heart?

Christmas Valley restaurant owner Angela Corker isn’t happy to see Nicky Frost again. After his uncle banned Christmas, the residents have been struggling financially. So every year she puts on a “Secret Christmas” celebration for the town. Nick is beyond handsome and friendly, but can she trust him with her secret when his uncle is the town Grinch?

They both have secrets, but as they join forces to bring back the joy of Christmas, they discover so much more than they were looking for.

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