Paranormal Romance


time rider romanceHe came from the future to kill her but he couldn’t resist her touch.

Kristen Skipworth, plagued by her empathic power, has been captured by a dangerous and sexy man who thinks he’s been sent from the future. Will helping him be the death of her?

Originally published with ImaJinn Books.

4.5 TOP PICK from Romantic Times Magazine (original printing).

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A doomed shapeshifter meets the only woman who can save them both if he can protect her from the insidious evil that vows to destroy her.

Alexei Korakov is tortured by the curse he has inherited from an ancestor who spurned a witch. When he meets Drusilla Jordan, he recognizes her as the reincarnation of his ancestor’s true love, and he knows he will love her–and kill her.

Drusilla Jordan knows that faerie tales can come true and evil is real. When she meets Alexei and discovers his secret, she realizes she’s been waiting for him, and with the wisdom of her ancestor, she understands that courage and strength will never triumph over the curse that envelops them–only love can defeat evil.

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Enter a world filled with extraordinary passion and the magic of love with these three tales of supernatural and paranormal romance from three bestselling authors: Brandy Lee, Rebecca York, and Mallory Kane.

Silver Dark Blue Light by Mallory Kane
Eva Quintana has a secret past that she no longer shares because people think she’s crazy. But when her boyfriend dumps her because her past interferes with their love life, she turns to therapist Dr. Seain Jones for help. However, Dr. Jones offers her more than counseling. He introduces her to a sensual world that makes her forget the past. Seain has a secret of his own. One that will change Eva’s life forever.

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Soldier, Warrior, Rebel . . .

He makes you cry for his pain and cheer for his victories. He fills your daydreams and remains etched in your memory for all time. He’s the wounded hero—the most compelling figure in romantic fiction. And he’s about to wrap himself around your heart and never let go.

The award-winning, bestselling authors of The Journey Home have conjured an inspired collection of stories about this beloved icon whose soul bears the scars of time and fate. In each passionate and magical tale, you’ll meet an irresistible warrior who’s facing the aftermath of a conflict. You’ll meet, too, the courageous woman who wants to tend his wounds, help him rebuild his shattered dreams, and give him the love he needs and so richly deserves—if only he will let her.

Ten romantic encounters of the extraordinary kind, each proving what the heart knows is true—that the most powerful healer . . . in any time or place . . . was, is, and always shall be love.

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