About Mallory Kane

mkane2In the number one position of Mallory Kane’s list of favorite things, which includes paper dolls, chocolate, kittens and snuggling, are books and stories. Once she convinced her mother to teach her to read–at age three, that was that.

Her mother was a librarian and her dad came from a long line of southern storytellers. Mallory aspires to be as good a storyteller as her father.

When she’s not writing, Mallory creates and designs greeting cards, jewelry and other handmade items, because– well, she never got over playing with paper dolls, and is delving into the world of steampunk jewelry and costuming.

She lives in East Tennessee with her husband Michael and their three cats. For more information about Mallory and her writing, click here to visit:Mallory Kane’s Amazon page or write her at mallory@mallorykane.com



  1. Having loved your other books, I would love to read this but have a kobo not a kindle. I can’t find it for Kobo. Any clues?

  2. So nice meeting you Mallory and talking to you on the phone during your broadcast!

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