Sing Little Earworm

It’s Just Another Day, by the Beatles. Okay, I’m old. That’s no secret. Therefore many songs on the soundtrack in my head are oldies. I woke up this morning humming, “Do,do, do, do-do-do, it’s just another day,” and hearing Paul’s light tenor voice in my head. Here are the lines my Little Earworm was singingasleep at keyboard.

At the office where the papers grow she takes a break,
Drinks another coffee and she finds it hard to stay awake,
It’s just another day.

Sometimes, I’m not exactly sure why my Little Earworm sends me certain songs. My take on this one is… (1) my house is still upside down because my kitchen is being redone, (2) I need to be writing, but… see (1), and/or (3) I should be taking more Vitamin D3, because I am finding it hard to stay awake, although that could be related to (1) also, since I’m not sleeping well.  Hmmm…..

However, my kitchen WILL be done soon, I’m digging out a comfortable spot near a sunny window and finding my noise-cancelling headphones, so I can write. And soon, maybe my Little Earworm will  be singing “A-a-a-a-t Last!”