Brenda Novak’s Fight Against Diabetes and Avon Addicts! Hummingbird Place News 05/04/2015

First tonight on Romance News, I want to let our listeners know about New York Times & USA Today bestselling author, Brenda Novak, and her crusade against Diabetes. Brenda is an active mother of five whose youngest son, Thad, was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at the of five. His diagnosis led Brenda to begin a personal crusade to fight this debilitating disease that affects millions. For the past ten years, Brenda’s fans have stepped up and supported her annual online auction to raise funds for the Diabetes Research Institute. The auction has so far helped her raise over $2.4 million so far!

Now, after ten years, Brenda is taking a break from the annual online auction, But don’t worry, she’s still hard at work on another big fundraising effort. She has curated THREE limited edition box sets that are up for sale, each containing ten or more BRAND NEW stories from very big-name authors.

The three are… SWEET DREAMS (13 thrillers, including stories by Erica Spindler, Allison Brennan, Brenda Novak, Alex Kava, JT Ellison, Carla Neggars and many others,) SWEET TALK (11 contemporary romance stories with a forward by #1 NYT Bestselling author Robin Carr) and SWEET SEDUCTION (13 hot contemporary stories a la FIFTY SHADES OF GREY with not only a forward but a full-length novel by Lisa Renee Jones) are currently up for pre-order at all major e-tailers online.

Brenda tells us that these sets will provide hours and hours of reading pleasure, all for the low price of $9.99 (that’s less than $1/story), and all money will be donated to the Diabetes Research Institute. These box sets are available wherever digital books are sold, so no matter which reading device you own you can get the sets. Brenda cautions everyone to order now, because once the sets go on sale May 1, they will only be available through June 30th.

In addition to the 3 boxed sets, Brenda has written her very first cookbook. She says, “This book contains all of my healthiest recipes—the ones I used to raise my five kids, not recipes I hired someone to create—along with some recipes contributed by friend and co-author Jan Coad, who once owned a restaurant and has published other cookbooks.”

The digital edition of LOVE THAT! Brenda Novak’s Every Occasion Cookbook, is currently available for pre-order at all vendors, so you can order yours now. We’re told the print version will be up for pre-order soon at

If you want to be involved in this very worthy endeavor, check Twitter and Facebook to find out more information and get links to the three boxed sets.

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