No Saint, the second book in my Louisiana Lawmen series, is here!
Read below for an excerpt from my newest romantic suspense, No Saint, which releases January 29, 2018.


“Oh, hi,” said a female voice above them. Rick glanced up but all he could see were legs. Really nice legs in a short red leather skirt and clunky heels, skipping down the stairs. “Are you guys moving in?”

As he watched, one of the heels caught on a step and the owner of the legs tripped and fell on top of him, knocking him to the floor.

Shocked, Rick tried to catch his breath, not easy with the girl’s body draped over his chest and her red-clad buttocks so close to his face he couldn’t focus on them. He could focus on her legs, though. They were bare, and went on for miles. She’d lost one of the shoes. He looked at the body on top of him. Attached to her excellent behind in the other direction was a slender back that curved enticingly up to unnaturally black hair. His body reacted immediately and instinctively, but not in the way he wanted it to.

He wanted to shove her out of the way, but he was frozen in place, his eyes and nose and arms full of long, gorgeous woman, and his body beginning to tell him – and probably her – how he felt about having well over five feet of firm, luscious female flesh pressed against him.

She took a deep breath, and her breasts pressed enticingly into his right arm. “Sorry!” she muttered as she wriggled around, trying to right herself. The wriggling sent delicious signals to Rick’s slightly dazed brain, not to mention other, baser parts of him.

“Whoa!” he cried. “Wait! Hang on a minute.” Her squirming was rocketing up the intensity of his reaction. He pushed himself up to his elbows, but all that accomplished was to slide her extremely nice bottom lower on his lap. Not better. In fact, it was way worse.

He glanced back at her legs, trying to judge the easiest way to get out from under her without further torturing his growing arousal. There was no help there. He’d already noticed that they were perfect. Long and shapely and promising a treasure trove between them. Beautiful, long female legs were one of his favorite things, and these were the best set he’d ever seen, bar none. His fingers twitched to trace the curve of ankle to calf to thigh—Stop! The situation was getting urgent. He shoved himself up to a sitting position and dumped her off his lap.

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